This home received a new entry addition and a facelift will all new exterior siding. The outdoor shower is a new feature with a beautiful beach stone floor.

Open Concept

The existing house was gutted and re-structured for a wonderful open concept floor plan. The window seat, shelving, and dining room millwork was all custom built. The openness and lack of interior walls allows for continuous sunlight throughout the day.

Dream Space

This gorgeous play space is the result of the collaboration of many professionals. It is a reading and hangout nook with drawers for storage, a pull-out library, a performance stage, and hidden pocket doors that connect to another room. When the library shelves are pulled out, a spot light comes on highlighting a large mural.

Woodworking Shop

This new construction building was built specifically for a woodworking enthusiast. The exterior details and exposed rafter tails match the existing main house.

Space to Gather

This project was both a renovation and new construction, adding a large addition to the original 1780’s farmhouse. One of the challenges was blending the new construction with the old. Details we matched seamlessly so one cannot tell where the existing ends and the new begins.

Carriage House

Tucked into a lot in the center of town, this new construction project features a personal woodworking shop, 2 car garage, and loft storage. Highlights of this project include radiant heat at the workshop, remote operating clerestory windows, and a hoist at the barn door which moves furniture up to loft.

Pavilion on the Neck

The client wanted to create a pavilion addition to the right of the existing shingle style gambrel home. Working closely with the architect, we built an octagonal structure. One of the highlights is cove lighting that washed the octagonal cathedral ceiling.

Bringing in the Light

We extended the existing sunroom with an addition and added stairs that open access to the patio.

Clean Lines

A new mudroom addition links the existing kitchen and garage. Storage is achieved through custom built-in cabinets, a window seat, and a round bench.

Antique Bath and Powder Room

This was an extensive bathroom remodel and expansion. Linked to the shower/bathing room is a water closet with a wall mounted toilet/bidet. This project features beautiful marble tile with accents and borders. The shower in Jerusalem gold is fully adaptable with a shower head, rain head, hand shower, body sprays, and steam unit.

Lacrosse Barn

This new construction private barn features an indoor turf field for lacrosse practice with a steel frame is hidden under the OSB wall board. Everything is ‘lacrosse-ball’ proof including wire frames over the windows.